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Unlike typical case studies I wanted to keep this authentic. So I thought I’d start with the story behind the case study and then show a follow along-esque case study to illustrate that this really can be done. If that doesn’t interest you just skip to:

  • Part 1 – Set Up
  • Part 2 – Initial Results Before I Pause Traffic
  • Part 3 – Results & Final Thoughts

Note: This case study is written with affiliates that have had minor successes in affiliate but struggling to be making $xxx consistently. So I will gloss over certain details.

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Part 0 – The Backdrop

So I’ve been a long time user of Monetizer (back when it was called Afflow) and I stumbled across their new push collection offering as I was browsing my account.

What it offers is the ability to make money off of owning a push list without managing it. They provide 80% revshare for any money they make on your push subscribers which, at the time of writing, is the best public deal I’m aware of.

At first I didn’t think much of it until I noticed that I was consistently getting $10 a day from it without really doing any work, which to a struggling small time affiliate like myself was meaningful. So I decided to set up proper campaigns and test it.

Lo and behold this was what happened next:

Not an amazing number but as a small time affiliate I could see the potential added to which this was akin to building an asset which not many affiliates do.

So I worked hard and before I knew it, I was consistently doing $xxx in revenue a day on push list alone:

(Of course there can be a cost to acquiring subscribers but you’ll see later that most of the money I generate from push list is actually largely profit.)

Still Part 0 – Case Study Challenge

As a result, one of the founders from Monetizer reached out to me to see if I could do a case study for them and I happily obliged. But decided that I would:

  1. Set up a new monetizer account to keep my stats separate and clean.
  2. Pay and run traffic through it over the course of 2 weeks and afterwards let it sit for a further 2 weeks to see how much passive income it generated.
  3. Share all my results (and hope it is good results).

This I thought would prove that this method works even if I started from scratch. But the risk being that if results turned out bad then it wouldn’t be a very appealing case study… Anyhow they agreed with the arrangement and thus I began the case study.

Anyhow they agreed with the arrangement and being the confident individual that I am, I thought I’d get good results anyways so here the journey began…

Part 1 – The Set Up

Every good journey begins with good preparation and here are the things I did:

#1 – Open a fresh monetizer account:

Ahhh the smell of a fresh account. Keep in mind you will need to set your account up such as buying a domain for it (I usually get mine from Namecheap – here), integrating it with your tracker etc. Some of this can get a bit complex for non-tech whizzes but you can always chat to someone from Monetizer.

My new Monetizer account as mentioned (interesting random avatar I got):

#2 – Set up all the other basics affiliate related stuff like tracker, affiliate network, landing page hosting…

I won’t go into details as there are guides that talk about this stuff on Google and you probably should have all this already. But this is my setup:

  • A tracker – I use Voluum (which you can get here)
  • Affiliate network with offers such as Gotzha, Wewe Media and Clickdealer (message me and I can refer your for approval)
  • Landing page – I use a PHP server setup (but CDN should work as well since no PHP code is required).

#3 – Find an existing affiliate campaign that is ideally breakeven or at least one where you’re not bleeding out of your eyeballs running it.

And if you don’t have one then you better start testing actual campaigns because really you should have some basic idea of what is going on). In my case I chose the following campaign that I’ve been running for a while (I switched trackers so this isn’t the full set of data but largely the same results):

Although not relevant, I suspect people would ask details on this campaign so here it is:

  • Offer Type: SOI Vouchers
  • Payout: $0.3-0.4 (Reason this is a range is because my offer got paused mid way so I had to switch between a few)
  • Geo: Malaysia
  • Funnel/Lander used: Prize type landers that you can find on any typical spy tools, honestly any of the standard landers can work such as surveys, spinning wheels etc.

As I said any breakeven or close to breakeven campaign you have can typically work.

#4 – Setting up the funnel

Now with all the basic stuff set up you’ll have to either:

  1. Put Monetizer’s push collection code into your landing page header or
  2. Run their smartlink that will collect push subscribers for you

But for my case study I am going with this funnel:

So I will be using both options 1 and 2. If you need help setting this up you can reach out to Monetizer support or maybe I’ll do a write up at a later date if there are demands for this (let me know in replies).

Anyways as you can see I set it up on my tracker:

#5 – Set up your campaigns on traffic sources

Now you’re ready to set up your campaigns and buy some traffic. For this case study I ran it on other push traffic but other traffic sources can work too such as pops, natives, facebook etc. Just depends where that original campaign you chose was running on.

So I went ahead and did just that, just a few examples of things I set up on (you might recognise these UI if you buy pop/push traffic):

Next we just need to sit and wait to collect push subscribers…

Part 2 – Initial Results Before I Pause Traffic

Here are my results at the 2 week mark (16 – 30 Oct):

Revenue: $1546.05
Cost: $1422.55
Profit: +$123.5
ROI: +8.68%

Push List Revenue From Monetizer:
Revenue: $211.3
Subscribers Acquired: 26.1k
Cost per Subscriber: $0
Average Revenue per Day (15 days): $14

Total Revenue: $1757.35
Total Cost: $1422.55
Total Profit: +$334.8

As you can see I got lucky with my campaign as I turned an unexpected profit which meant that my acquisition cost per subscribers was zero. As a result I was able to get 26.1k subscribers for free which was netting me around $15-20 a day at the current EPC. 

More importantly, even after I stop my campaign now, the revenue I generate from my push list will be pure profit. Kaching $$$!

Screenshots to support my numbers:

Part 3 – Results & Final Thoughts

After another 2 weeks I tallied up my total results for the period of this case study (16 Oct – 12 Nov):

Revenue: $1546.05
Cost: $1422.55
Profit: +$123.5
ROI: +8.68%

Push List Revenue From Monetizer:
Revenue: $329.6
Subscribers Acquired: 26.5k
Cost per Subscriber: $0
Average Revenue per Day (28 days): $12

Final Summary:
Total Revenue: $1875.60
Total Cost: $1422.55
Total Profit: $453.1
ROI: +31.9%

31.9% ROI over 28 days probably isn’t an amazing results in the affiliate space but personally as an ex-finance guy I am happy with it especially when we keep in mind that this method was:

  • Low maintenance – I spent more time writing this case study than I did on the campaigns for it (assuming you already have a breakeven or close to breakeven campaign).
  • Consistent returns – I generated $10+ in push revenue a day for the most part and could probably maintain around a $20 profit if I didn’t pause my campaign. I’ve included a day to day breakdown in the appendix for those that want to take a look at how results look like.

And if you keep at it you can reach numbers such as this:

And if you keep at it you can definitely reach $xxx per day and reach the top of Monetizer’s push revenue leaderboard (I’m currently within top 5, sorry humble brag 😋) and see numbers such as this:

Again not big numbers in the affiliate space but good enough to get you started I reckon. Anyways back to the grind so that hopefully I can write about how to get to $x,xxx a day soon.

If you found this helpful and haven’t signed up for an account on Monetizer, would be great if you use my referral link here

Appendix – Day to Day Monetizer numbers:

Good question and honestly I have no idea.

I just know it came about as my idea for a high school band name (that got rejected by my band members) which then became my gamer name which then became my forum names and now it just stuck. If only 15 year old me had the foresight to choose something sexier. Ah well such is life.

Anyhow if you’re reading this then you’ve likely seen one of my articles, posts or comments floating around the worldwide web and come for another fix of my random musing. Good.

If you haven’t realized already, one of my biggest hobbies is making money so many of my posts will be about that. (Mostly making money online since we are in the 21st century).

90% of the things I share will probably be things I’ve tried (and trust me I try a lotttt of things) and the other 10% is just in case I write about something I haven’t tried or when I want to deny being such a failure.

Where relevant I will put up referral links on my site that will earn me a few extra pennies and not impact you whatsoever.

Lastly hopefully you will find my content interesting and helpful in which case you should probably buy me a beer at some point. And also I have no idea why you’re still reading this weird post/rant and you probably wasted 2 minutes of your life.

Yours truly,

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