Sushiparlour’s Guide To Making Money with Push Notifications

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Sushiparlour’s 59 Page Guide To Making Money with Push Notifications covering:

  • Basics on Push Notifications
  • Sushi’s Insights On A Variety of Push Related Topic
  • 2 Strategy That Is Currently Used By Sushiparlour himself

And include special additional content (that keeps updating) + chance to join our eBook owner only mastermind. So get yours today!



Push Notification, one of the hottest traffic sources in 2020 where affiliates have made millinons of dollars. If you want to learn more about Push then this book is for you.

Written by Sushiparlour the top push traffic earner on Monetizer* where he has made over $100,000+ this year on Monetizer alone (as of May 2020).

Sushi shares insights into how the push notification ecosystem works as well as the ways affiliates are making money. In addition he shares two of his best strategy that has helped him achieve $xx,xxx profit a month!

In addition, Sushi will continually add exclusive content for the eBook owners so that it remains relevant and can adjust based upon readers’ reviews and requests. He has already written the following:

  • A Trip Down Anstrex (How I Spy For Landers)
  • The 3 Type of Sweep Landers (That You Should Know About)
  • Which Is The Best Push Traffic Source?! (IMO)
  • Which Is The Best Affiliate Network (IMO)
  • Setting Up Tracking For Evadav CPA

Currently the book will be $59.99 and the price will adjust upwards as more exclusive content is added for eBook owners. So get yours today before price increases!

Lastly, eBook owners will get a chance to join an exclusive mastermind where Sushi will answer questions and share special insights not available to everyone. (Limited spots only). – This is currently closed but I will be releasing a new feature for all eBook owners shortly so stay tuned!

*Monetizer is a service that helps monetize Push Traffic and they offer a leaderboard ranking their top publishers (owners of Push Subscribers).



“If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, I think this eBook (and especially the additional content SP says he wants to write) is definitely worth the money and I’m shocked that this also provides the potential opportunity to join in a private mastermind with one of the world’s most successful affiliates (this is almost priceless).” – jimmyvanilla, Community Leader on Afflift

“There isn’t a step-by-step hand-holding guide that’s going to lead you to $xx,xxx per month, but there’s definitely enough details to know multiple different strategies/paths you could take to get there. There are a couple of golden nuggets in the book that, IMO, are worth $50 alone.” – Nick, Community Leader on Afflift

“I need to say that Sushi just added some very valuable content regarding how to find the right traffic networks/creatives/landing pages/offers on Anstrex.” – Matthead on Afflift